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Jorie Lau strolls across the marble lobby, which has just been decorated with fragrant flowers. She wears a long, immaculate coat with two pairs of golden crossed keys on her lapels, marking her status as Assistant Chief Concierge of Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong. When she reaches the front desk, she greets guests with a warm smile. Instantly, they feel right at home.

When Jorie first arrived at Kowloon Shangri-La in 1981, she did not know that she would be joining more than a company, that she would be joining a family. On her first day, her new colleagues welcomed her with open arms. Soon they were sharing laughs over tea like old friends.

“I felt like I had been working here my whole life and it was only my first week,” she said. Today, she is fondly known as big sister, the one who is always ready to listen, share and help.

Jorie embodies Shangri-La’s genuine warmth and hospitality. This is what has endeared Jorie to her guests from all over the world. Her sincerity ensures guests from all walks of life enjoy special treatment.

"To prosper, a company should grow and change with the times. The Kerry Group must always look for new areas linked to its strengths in which to expand."


The Kerry Emerging Executive Program

The Kerry Emerging Executive Program is a unique 4-year program aimed at developing Kerry Group future leaders with both the breadth and depth of experience to work effectively with people and deliver real business results.

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The Kerry Emerging Executive Program has three interrelated components designed to develop management skills at an advanced level.

A structured leadership development program
Mentoring, coaching and career planning
Business experience in different industries and locations


Each year of the program will focus on the development of different management skills.

Year 1

What You Will Do: You will be a team member of a function or operation work group.

What You Will Learn:  Self management and organization skills, and practical problem solving.

Year 2

What You Will Do: Become responsible for achieving work based objectives.

What You Will Learn: Managing for results, project management, budget planning and control.

Year 3

What You Will Do: Assume project and people based responsibilities.

What You Will Learn: Team leadership and people and performance management.

Year 4

What You Will Do: Take on a supervisory or management position.

What You Will Learn: Change and growth management skills geared to achieving quantifiable business results.


Career development support continues long after completion of the program. Diligent and competent executives can expect to progress steadily through the organization, gaining experience across different departments and in different countries.

Senior Executive & Beyond
Yr 12+
General Manager
Yr 8-10
Senior Manager
Yr 6
Yr 4
Yr 1


These four graduates have just taken the first major step in their careers by joining the Kerry Emerging Executive Program. How do they envision their futures?

Dan Xu

Owen Chan

HanYuAn Ye

Vicki Chen


We are looking for graduates with strong leadership potential and a keen interest in business who:

  • Want to start their career in Asia
  • Have a strong educational background and degree
  • Want long term career prospects
  • Want real responsibility & are able to move with a job
  • Are willing to learn
  • Want to be part of our future

Why not get in touch with us and find out whether you could have a rewarding career with the Kerry Group?

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Internship Opportunities

The Kerry Group maintains an attractive internship program, offering valuable work experience across the full range of our diverse businesses to suitable candidates interested in learning more about our organization.

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Make The Move To Kerry

From time to time opportunities arise for competent experienced staff to advance their careers by joining the different divisions of the Kerry Group.

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More Opportunities

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Vicki Chen

“I come from the Northwest China. I gained my Bachelor’s degree in Shanghai, and then studied in Hong Kong at the HKUST. I know that the Kerry Group is expanding its business on the Chinese Mainland, and I want to be involved in the development of my country. I feel the Kerry Emerging Executive Program offers very fertile soil to grow leadership - in terms of very broad business exposure, and the opportunity to work with business role models and to learn from them. I look forward to getting different insights into different industries. I feel a very cooperative and friendly atmosphere here, and that it’s quite meritocratic - that people will really value what you can bring to the company.”


Owen Chan

"I was brought up in Hong Kong and had my secondary education in the UK, after which I took a BBA degree majoring in Global Business at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). During my academic exchanges to the US and Shanghai, I gained further insights into global business dynamics. The international exposure I gained while studying prompted me to join a global company after graduation. At the HKUST I had been taught the importance of integrity in the business world, and it was therefore crucial for me to work in a company with the right code of conduct embodied in its core culture. In the Kerry Group I can also gain experience in the work of different departments and a deeper understanding of the overall operation. I am confident that I can realize my potential here, and develop a long-term career with the company."


Dan Xu

"I was born and brought up in Guangdong Province, but went to high school in Singapore and subsequently attended the London School of Economics and Political Science for my undergraduate degree. It was a presentation Kerry Group gave at the LSE that got me interested in the management trainee program. The Kerry Emerging Executive Program gives me a wide range of work experience, and a really thorough overall picture of how a large corporate group does business. I am looking for a career with long-term development prospects. I like the fact that you start from the bottom and get to know what everybody’s jobs involve. I see it as a 10 years and beyond marathon, not a sprint, and Kerry is able to offer that. It is also valuable that you have mentors to guide you."


Hanyuan Ye

“I studied in Beijing at the University of International Business and Economics for both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. My Bachelor’s major was Information Management and my Masters was Industrial Economics. I knew about the Group from the Kerry Centre in Beijing, and I noticed that good companies chose to be in that building. Then I found out about the Kerry Emerging Executive Program on the internet, and applied online. I was attracted by the international nature of the company and the opportunity to experience different industries. I think the Kerry Group and I share values which will help me to achieve my goals and to exercise my initiative. I think people in the company have open minds, and I think there is a real career path with the Program. The four years is a mutual commitment."

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